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Why should you consider Telemedicine for your Children

Telemedicine for your Children

From the instant care provided to reduced time and cost, here are some of the top benefits of telemedicine for your kids.

It is quite frustrating and traumatic for us as parents to see our kids sick. Sometimes, illness strikes when most pediatricians aren’t available or you are not able to visit them due to tight job schedules. Or we cant just get out of homes as with the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic.

That’s where telemedicine services for kids come in handy. It lets you see a pediatrician without leaving your home. You can get quick medical assistance from anywhere, anytime from your phone or an Internet-enabled device.

We have rounded up some benefits of telemedicine services for your kids.

Providing Instant Care to Your Kids:

Travel time and distance between physicians and patients can minimize access to care – enter telemedicine services.

It lets you access healthcare experts from anywhere, anytime over a phone or the Internet. This way, telemedicine can be beneficial to kids that live far away, in rural or in underserved communities.

Increasing Flexibility:

Telemedicine lets you choose from flexible options for monitoring and enhancing care, including options to capitalize on technology like AI in healthcare for eliminating unnecessary emergency room visits for patients.

You can use any telemedicine app that lets you get care via virtual visits. Patients can also schedule appointments for weekends with doctors that best suit their time and convenience.

Providing You Access to More Specialists:

Telemedicine is a great way to access more pediatric specialists, especially if you live in small towns or remote areas.  Telemedicine lets you access more remote specialists for your kids. With telemedicine appointments, you can still get in touch with these specialists at the comfort of your home—with whom you wouldn’t otherwise be able to easily have a consult.

Improving the Quality of Care:

Virtual pediatric care can improve the quality of care for kids. According to a recent study, telemedicine can reduce up to 38% hospital admissions, 31% hospital re-admissions, healthcare costs and days spent in hospitals.

Letting You Schedule Quick Appointment:

Let’s admit it. Scheduling an appointment with a pediatrician is time-consuming and frustrating. You have to locate them and meet them in person, requiring you to take a day off or get into a traffic jam.

On top of that, they might not be available for days or weeks. But that’s not a case with urgent care telemedicine services for kids. All you need is to open your app, register and set up the communication tool. All this from the comfort of your home. Simply put, you can book an appointment in just a few taps.

Eliminating Lost Time and Other Costs:

Virtual appointments reduce the time you need to take off work. Plus, you may not require nanny or babysitting care for kids, which can be expensive, especially if the appointment is at the last minute. Moreover, telemedicine eliminates time and money being spent on commuting to the pediatrician’s office since you can see a provider without ever leaving your home.

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