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How to Protect Your Kids from Cold and Flu

How to Protect Your Kids from Cold and Flu

From taking care of their hygiene to giving them some right food to eat, here are some ways to protect your kids from cold and flu.

Winter is upon us. Or you can say that the season of cold and flu is upon us. Cold and flu season often starts in October as the weather gets colder. The season can last March or May. And kids are more vulnerable to catch cold or infection due to their weak immune system. Sometimes, they fall sick after coming into close contact with a sick person or germs-laden surfaces.

Here are some to protect your kids from the cold and flu.

Maintain the Hygiene of their Hands:

Your kids can come into contact with viruses when they touch surfaces as well as cell phones, doorknobs, remotes, and computer keyboards. In fact, this is the top reason why kids fall ill during winter. Here is a simple good old idea—tell them to wash their hands.

You should teach them how to wash the hands rightly. Make sure they rub their hands with soap and water for at least 30 seconds. Hand washing will minimize the transmission of germs and protect your child’s health. Besides, give them a little hand sanitizer for an extra layer of protection.

Tell Them to Stay Away from Sick People:

Tell your kids to stay away from their sick friends. Although they may miss their company for some time, it will keep them healthy and away from infections. If you know that someone is in your home is not feeling well, ask them to avoid your kids until they overcome their condition.

You don’t always know when someone is sick. In this scenario, you can prevent the place where many ill people reside, like hospitals and care centers. If you come into contact with an ill person, ask them to not hold or touch your kids.

See the Pediatrician:

See the doctor if your kid fails to overcome illness. Also consult the pediatrician if they have a high fever, chills, shakes, vomiting, cough, fatigue or respiratory illness. These symptoms may indicate something serious like flu or bacterial infection. If your kid is suffering from asthma, diabetes or other long-term health conditions, consult your pediatrician to know about other medicines and treatments. Also watch for the symptoms of complications of the flu, such as pneumonia.

Give them Immune-Boosting Foods:

Certain foods support the immune system, thereby warding off cold and flu—or at least minimize the duration or severity of them. Plus, they are full of nutrients that help with proper growth and development. Some of them are yogurt, garlic, almonds, oily fish, chicken soup, and mushrooms.  

Get Flu Vaccinations:

Your whole family requires protection from the viruses that are at its best during flu season, from school to daycare to home to the workplace and back again. According to the CDC, almost all kids (at least 6 months old) and adults should get the flu vaccine every year by the end of October or earlier.

So these are some ways to protect your kids from cold and flu as well as keep them healthy.

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