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How Telemedicine Helps Your Kids with Cold and Flu

Kids with Flu

The arrival of the fall season in the USA also marks the beginning of flu and cold. Kids are more prone to these health conditions, not just because of their age, but also because of their playing and eating habits.

Cold and Flu

Therefore, it is a common scenario to see parents lining up at their doctor’s office. Ironically, kids are more prone to catch the infection from other patients through their cough or sneeze within close contact. According to one study, kids under six are more vulnerable to fall ill in the two weeks following a trip to the physician.

Don’t worry! Telemedicine can help. It is the way to get medical care from a medical provider via phone or the Internet while staying safe at home. This enables, telemedicine to be an effective way to achieve pediatric urgent care with less risk of illness transmission.

Benefits of choosing telemedicine for non-emergency or common health conditions like flu and cold.

Preventing the Spread of Virus:

Getting the treatment for flu or colds at home is better than visiting the clinic as it helps prevent the spread of the illness to others. Simply put, it keeps patients out of waiting rooms or clinics, where they can infect some other patients who maybe immunocompromised.

Virtual care lets doctors treat patients from anywhere with their computer or phone. It also provides for more rest time, which can minimize the duration and severity of the disease as well.

Cutting the Stress:

Many kids are afraid of going to a doctor. This causes stress and anxiety which in turn can affect their immune system. With a telemedicine service, you can eliminate this scenario as communication usually takes between your family and a doctor without the fear of needles.

Offering Quick Treatment:

Flu patients if requiring treatment, should be treated as soon as possible, within two days after they first experience illness.However, meeting the physician in-person isn’t realistic for most patients due to the lack of time or resource within the next 48 hours.

But that’s not the case with telemedicine.

With this service, you can quickly consult a doctor over the phone or the Internet. It lets your kids get almost-immediate access to antiviral drugs as soon as possible. You can get telemedicine from anywhere, anytime, making it yours pediatric after-hours clinic.

If your child’s symptoms are not resolving in 2-3days we recommend a telemedicine provider. Click the waiting room button to be seen for further treatment.

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