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7 Things to Consider While Opting For Telemedicine

7 Things to Consider While Opting For Telemedicine

Telemedicine has been proven to overcome barriers to health services created by distance between the patient and provider. With this service, patients can have easy access to healthcare providers via phone or video chat.

This service is particularly beneficial for patients in medically underserved communities and those living in the locations facing the dearth of clinicians. It is useful to meet the demands of modern healthcare.

However, not all patients understand when to use it. When does it make more sense to report your symptoms to a doctor on your mobile devices?

It is crucial to choose the right telemedicine provider to make the most of telemedicine. 

Based on such concerns, here we have come up with important things to consider while opting for telemedicine.

Know When to Choose Telemedicine Services:

First of all, determine when to opt for telemedicine services. For example, if you physically can’t get to a doctor, but require treatment for a common medical condition, telemedicine can benefit you.

If you are living in a remote location where clinics are not available, telemedicine cpuld be right for you. Sometimes, it saves you money on clinical visits in case of common diseases like cough or cold as the TELEDOCTOR prescribes medication based on your symptoms.

However, it should be not be used during a medical emergency.


Reading customer reviews can give you an idea about the telemedicine service provider. You can find those reviews on their website, social media, and third-party review sites.

Do They Provide Pre- and Post- Consultation Support?

A quality telemedicine provider is likely to engage with patients through pre-consultation support and guidance, as well as post-consultation follow up. They will guide and educate users in a way that makes the process easy-breezy with minimal confusion.

Is it Easy to Use?

This is the key point to look for in your telemedicine service provider.  A good telemedicine service provider will explain things in plain English as possible avoiding the jargon. Besides, make sure they listen to your concern patiently. Otherwise, confusion or misinterpretation can lead to a complication or serious consequences.


The prices, as well as price structure, may vary from vendors to vendors. Some telemedicine vendors charge a monthly fee plus a copay for each call made. A monthly limit can be set on how many calls you can make. However, look for the vendor who doesn’t ask for a copay or set a maximum monthly call limit. You can compare the rate to find an affordable vendor. However, prefer quality over the costs. We at Teletots pediatric Urgent care charge a flat rate.


This is also an important factor to ensure ease access at the time its needed.  

What Platforms Do They use?

Also, check if they offer access via multiple contact channels like email or video conference other than the phone. Telemedicine service is more than providing a list of nursing phone number to subscribers.  People also look for more convenient options like virtual/online chatting, video conferencing or simple reminder notifications.

These are the things to consider while choosing telemedicine services. Telemedicine services are becoming more important and can sometimes make a difference easy  access to prevent worsening of a health condition.  Therefore, choosing a healthcare provider should be done carefully. What do you think? Let us know by commenting below.



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