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Urgent Online Pediatric Care Clinic in Texas

Get advice, prescriptions and lab reports from a pediatrician at the comfort of your home. See Pediatrician Now!

We offer online pediatric urgent care to help your kids when the clinics are closed or when you are not able to visit the doctor’s office for certain reasons.
Our reliable online urgent care clinic lets you access the doctors online for non-emergency health conditions of your kids without requiring you miss wages. It is a simple, easy and fast way to access healthcare for your kids’ health conditions.
More than an online after hour clinic in Texas, we’re a beacon of relief when your kids need relief immediately. Your kids are in good hands!


After Hours Availability

We understand that kids’ illness doesn’t follow normal working hours. That’s why we are available 24/7. This way, we ensure that we are there when your kids need urgent care.


No Need to Leave Your Home

Our user-friendly digital platform lets you interact with a pediatrician online, eliminating the need to visit the clinic in person. This way, you don’t need to miss wages or commitments. We are your online urgent clinic! Our pediatric provider can diagnose, treat, and if required, send your prescription to your local pharmacy.



We provide affordable kids’ urgent care with transparent billing and affordable rates.

Our Services

Cold, Allergies

Cold and Flu:

Receive immediate care for common kids’ diseases like minor colds and the flu.
Cold, Allergies

Common Diseases:

Our urgent care services cover diseases like sore throat, headaches, sinus, allergy issues, nosebleeds, and pink eyes.
Cold, Allergies

GI and Urinary Concerns:

We offer care for constipation, diarrhea, heartburn, nausea, period pain, urine issues, yeast infections, and other GI and urinary issues.
Cold, Allergies

Minor Injuries:

Connect now to one of our online pediatricians to get your kids’ minor injuries and burns diagnosed and treated.
Virtual Waiting Room