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Our medical experts at Teletots Pediatrics are a team of certified, caring, and   professional staff.  We provide care to you via Telemedicine even after your PCP is closed after hours. We are right here for all your queries, consultations, and appointments for your child, as their health is our priority.

Why see us


Quality Service

We settle for nothing but quality. Your child’s care is handled by skilled professionals with extreme care and caution. We bring home expert medical consultants to you through telemedicine. This means quality care without the extra costs of parking or traffic in route.


Convenience on work hours

With Teletots Pediatrics, your virtual consultations can be adjusted according to your time and routine.


Affordable services

We believe in providing solutions and advice that best suits your child. We also aim to provide you medical experts that are within your budget.

Our Services

Cold, Allergies


Such as due to eczema, a virus or a bacterial infection. Our team would treat the problem accordingly.
Cold, Allergies

Pink Eye

Inflammation of conjunctiva, commonly termed pink eye ( due to allergies, viruses or bacterial infection), is widespread among children. Our specialists handle these cases with care.
Cold, Allergies

Mild Asthma

Tightening of chest, wheezing, and excessive coughing are all symptoms of asthma. You can reach us at the virtual page for these and much more services.
Virtual Waiting Room